Connecting technologies

We assemble the future!

Solutions in automation need to be reliable, flexible and scalable!

In the company TBP GROUP we are internationally experienced specialist in electrical and mechanical industrial assembliesWe are active all over the world. We offer installation services for all aspects of electrical engineering and mechanics. We are available for you 24 hours a day. We know what matters!

Company experts TBP GROUP take care of your project. Our team of experienced experts is at your disposal at any time from the first phase of planning to commissioning. We combine professional equipment, professional training and excellent workmanship..

Why did our customers choose TBP GROUP?

On the one hand, there is synergy between our partner and us, and on the other hand, our structured assembly processes and excellent project support. We relieve our clients and always look for the best solution.

Not only communication on our construction sites, but also regular exchange with our customers is a top priority for us.


Custom solutions for your needs

Installation services for all aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering. We have experience working around the world.


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